What We Do

Legal Administration Solutions is an Irish Company that specialises in Billing, Administration and Account Management for Legal Professionals. We provide a unique service which is tailored to the needs of all Legal Professionals. With a combined experience of over two decades in Billing and Account Management, we understand the complexities of all aspects of legal billing for Solicitors and Barristers and offer a service which aims to expand your practice income and limit the time spent on administration.  


Our service provides Barristers with visibility and transparency of their accounts, saves time, increases income and creates a steady cash flow whilst preserving a professional relationship with the Solicitors they work with.


We assist Solicitors with their legal aid claiming, private billing and the management of outgoing fee notes. Our system is equipped to keep up with a high volume of cases and ensures a steady cash flow whilst giving you visibility of any fees due to Barristers.


We understand the needs of busy Legal Professionals, which in turn ensures that our staff are equipped with the expertise necessary to provide excellent administration and typing skills.